The Budget At A Glance gives a snapshot view of the districts budget. It shows several graphs that break down the expenditures by function and fund for the last 3 school years. Function tells what group expenditures cover i.e. 1000 equals students, 2100 equals support staff, 2400 administration and 2600 maintenance. Funds determine which category monies can be expended for i.e. General and Supplemental General expenses for instruction, Capital Outlay expenses for equipment and building upkeep, Special Education, Food Service and Vocational Education are just a few of the funds. Budget At A Glance shows sources of revenue and budget authority. Mill rates and assessed valuation are also included in the document.

2022-2022 Budget at a Glance

2022-2023 Summary of Expenses

2022-2023 Budget

2022-2023 Form 150

2022-2023 One Page Summary

2022-2023 Building Needs Assessment for Budget

362 Prairie View State Assessment Review for Needs Assessment

Fiscal Audits

Local Mill Levies