Enrollment Options:

We understand that every parent has to do what is best for their family, so we would like to offer a few options to enroll in school this year and ask you to pick the one that is best for your child and family. Enrollment will open on July 27th and families will be allowed to pick from the following options:

  1. On-Site. This is the option that is available every year. By choosing “On-Site” you are saying your student will physically attend school in the building.  Please read through the following document for answers on procedures and masks: PV 362 - 2020-21 On-Site Opening Plan
  2. Remote. This is a new option we are offering in the event you would still like to have your child taught by a Prairie View teacher, but are not comfortable sending them to school in the building. In this option, the student will attend all of their classes via Zoom from home. They will work with a Prairie View teacher and complete the same assignments the students in the building will complete, but will do so at home. We will allow students that choose the “Remote” option to opt in to the “On-Site” during the semester if the “Remote” option is not working for them or if they feel better about sending their student to school. Please read through the following document for questions on the remote plan: PV 362 - 2020-21 Remote Learning Plan
  3. Virtual. This is also a new option this year. This option uses a third party vendor, Edgenuity, to deliver instruction to students. In this option, the student does not work with a Prairie View teacher, nor do they attend classes via Zoom. In this option, the student has a list of assignments and videos they work through to learn the content. The benefit of this option is it is self-paced and students can work as quickly as they would like to finish classes. This option is available for all grade levels. Please read through the following document for expectations and guidelines for the virtual plan: PV 362 - 2020-21 100% Virtual Learning Plan

Here is a link explaining your enrollment options:


Please let your building principal know if you have any questions about which option might work best for your student. Enrollment will open on July 27th and close on August 10th.

The first day of school for students will be Wednesday, August 19th. This will be a regular start school day.

The following is more information on the On-site ready plan:

The Prairie View Ready plan consists of three different phases, based on the current number of cases of Covid-19 in our area. The three phases are:

  1. On-Site - 100% of our students in school 100% of the time
  2. Hybrid - 50% of our students in school 50% of the time
  3. Remote - 0% of our students in school, but learning 100% of the time at home

Our plan is to start the 2020-2021 school year using our “On-Site” plan with all of our students attending school each day. To accomplish this, and comply with the Governor Kelly’s order, we have added some time at the beginning of the year to allow our teachers and staff time to prepare to welcome students. As a result, the first day of school has been moved from August 13th to August 19th.

Here is a link explaining our Prairie View Ready plan:


As part of this plan, we anticipate having to work through positive cases and quarantines this year as a result of direct contact with Covid-19 cases. Here is a link to a video explaining how we will deal with positive cases at our school: https://youtu.be/XKL1aQagYy4

Bus Procedure Plan